Uniforms for 2024 Season

As a club, we do not ask or require new uniforms be purchased every season and we keep our uniforms consistent for this reason. However, over the last couple of seasons, we have rebranded our club from Walnut Creek Warrior Lacrosse Club to Diablo Valley Warrior Lacrosse Club and this year our uniforms will reflect that change.

We are not requiring returning families purchase new uniforms for the season unless they need to do so. The updates are being made to girl kilts and boy shooter shirts and shorts to incorporate the DVW logo in place of the WC logo. The changes we are making are minor and do not impact our game jerseys.

Available on a first come, first serve basis with limited stock available for new and returning families, we have a limited number of kilts, shorts, and shooter shirts with the WC logo, at a discounted price and with no shipping charges.

The pricing for the old uniforms is:
Girls Kilts: $25
Boys Shorts: $30
Boy Shooter Shirts: $25

Also available for sale are new Richardson 112 trucker hats.

If you would like to order the updated uniform go to our new spirit store


Thank you for your support.

Please email Executive Director with any questions.